© Michele Serchuk 2002 Subject: Midori

© Michele Serchuk 2002
Subject: Midori

Michele Serchuk has been shooting her evocative, intensely personal portraiture in New York City for over twenty years. She’s exhibited at group shows and arts festivals across the US and Europe including New York, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Portland, San Francisco, Montreal, Berlin, and Budapest, and in solo exhibitions in New York and Philadelphia. She has led workshops and given talks about her work for various groups across the US and Canada, been interviewed in print, on web casts, radio and cable TV.



Artist Statement
Working with my subject, my goal is to create the stage where I can find and capture that emotive moment in time when the self is revealed, and our collaboration is realized in the image.

My portrait work explores intimate moments that reveal an externalized inner self. Twenty years ago I began shooting interior portraits of my subjects’ erotic lives. This work was first shot on black and white film, and uses sexuality as an avenue to explore that intimate self: sexual identity, erotic expression and relationship, and personal fetishes. These portraits are the visual expression of those experiences.

This work has always been deeply collaborative. Working together, my subject and I identify the aspect of self, the story we wish to explore, and the props, wardrobe, and environment that will help us give the story visual expression. My practice of finding the perfect moment, first developed in film photography is still core to my current work, both digital and on film.

In the past five years I’ve begun finding other modalities beyond the erotic to further explore intimate portraiture. Using dreams and the construct of fairy tales to tell the stories of their hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, their remembered past, and desired futures my subjects and I continue this exploration of personal identity and emotional experience. Just as I began exploring these internal portraits about self in my erotic work, these stories become more formalized as narrative in the Waking Dreams, Modern Fairy Tales, and Pain Within series.

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